Road & Urban

Are you looking for a commuter bike, something for weekend exercise or perhaps something to race. Freeride offers a range of bikes better suited to the pavement and dirt roads. From full carbon road bikes to comfortable dual sport bikes, we carry a wide range of urban and road bikes to suit your needs.

Opus Adagio

Part of the Opus' performance urban line, the Adagio is very much a road bike with commuter and urban touches to provide a little more comfort.

Opus Dual Sport

This is a dual-sport model, efficient on the road but with equipped with tyres, brakes and a suspension fork that will allow you to hit the trail when the road isn't enough.

Opus Citato

A step down from the Adagio, the Citato offers a similar blend of performance and comfort at a slightly lower price point.

Opus Mondano

Upright and comfortable urban cruiser with a suspension fork to smooth out the road. Add a carrier and mud guards and you have the ultimate all season cruiser that will keep you clean and dry as you cruise along Water Street on the way to your Sunday morning coffee.

Opus Zermatt

Ready to ride to work, school, the grocery store or to the coffee shop. Add some panniers and you are ready for all weather cruising.


Opus Porto

Female specific geometry, rack and mud guards make this a comfortable cruiser for all weathers.