Freeride Mountain Sports

Freeride Mountain Sports is a full service, locally owned bike shop in St. John's, Newfoundland. We sell a full range of bikes to suit the urban cyclist, but specialise in mountain bikes and a selection of top tier equipment for those looking to venture off road. 

As well as offering bikes and equipment to support your love of cycling, we service and repair all makes and models of bikes to keep you on, or off, the road. Check out our service page for the basic run down of what we can do for you here


Freeride Mountain Sports was established in 1997 by Chris Jerrett, a former World Cup cross country racer and Canada Cup downhill racer. Freeride, as it is known, was built around Chris' passion for the sport of mountain biking and helped spawn a whole community of world class mountain bikers. The passion for riding and racing that Freeride embodies led to the initial development and current support of a large proportion of the mountain bike trails in St. John's.

Its this love of the sport, the support of local riders and giving back to the riding community that sets Freeride Mountain Sports apart.

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